Customise and bring your Team, Company, Club to new high levels where others will look up to you

You can choose, style, colour, fabrics, sizes/lengths, short or long sleeves, styles of colour, buttoning etc.
You can add piping, epaulettes, styles of pockets etc.

Logos, figures and text will be professionally embroidered to crown your creation.
We will supply a complete original service.

Proceed to next page Styles and you are on your way to design and create your own clothing, exactly the way you want it.

Team garments worn by pleasure and create the power to be successful.

Our warranty:

We take full guarantee for your satisfaction.


You will see the evidence of your successful design when you see the Team/Staff members will wear these garments to show it off in private.

For maximum effect - Shirt with uniformally matching pant will achieve stylishness, maximum awareness and full pay-back!

Please see pictures of pants in Gallery.